Spread the Word

The most important things that you can do for our group is to spread the word about our existence. Many thousands of people throughout our city have been afflicted with substance use issues and/or addictive behaviours, and while there is an abundance of 12-Step meetings throughout Ottawa at numerous times each day of the week, these groups are not for everyone. There are only a small number of “alternative” groups available in this city, and many people don’teven know they exist because 12-step groups are so dominant. Unfortunately, many of the people who do not fit into the 12-Step model end up feeling frustrated, alone, and hopeless because they don’t know where else to go.

If you know anyone at all who you think might benefit from an alternative support group such as our own, please let them know about us. Also, if you are part of an organization that offers social services of any kind and have never heard of our group before, please let your staff know. The more people and organizations that know about our group, the better the chance that those who are struggling with these issues will get the help they need.