Mission, Vision, & Values


To provide empowering peer-support and a comprehensive education program for individuals in recovery from substance use and/or addictive behaviours. We work to equip participants with effective, evidence-based strategies for successful recovery in a space where they are free from judgment and in which they can strengthen their social support network.


To be an integral part of the science-based addiction and recovery peer-support community in Canada. Since the understanding of addiction is continuously evolving, ARC aims to help push beyond the norms in the field to meet the challenges of addiction more effectively and to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of addiction and the most successful approaches to recovery. By providing an extensive and progressive support program based on cutting-edge research and a wide-range of proven methodologies, we are providing those in recovery a more individualized experience with more options to choose from in order to increase their chances of success.


1. Empathy, understanding, and compassion
2. Individual responsibility and accountability
3. Evidence-based methodology
4. Individual choice
5. Self-empowerment
6. All pathways to recovery
7. Progressive ideas
8. Critical thinking and skepticism
9. Equality and diversity
10. Confidentiality