Medical Detox

If you are planning to become abstinent and are considering going “cold-turkey”, it is extremely important to understand that depending on your substance of choice, the amount you usually ingest, and how often you use that substance, you may need medical detox to safely manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal. Detoxing from some substances such as alcohol can be very dangerous if not done properly in a safe, supervised environment and with a prescribed medication. Improper detoxification from heavy use of alcohol can cause serious physical withdrawal symptoms that include high blood pressure, seizures, and delirium, some of which can even be life-threatening.

The Ottawa Withdrawal Management Centre (OWMC) is the main centre in Ottawa for anyone planning to detox from substances. However, the OWMC does not prescribe medication at their facility. Clients must obtain a prescription from a doctor if they plan on using medication to help them with the detoxification process. Medical detox is also provided at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre and at most hospitals. If you are a heavy user of any substance and are considering detox, please contact the nearest hospital or make an appointment with your family doctor to discuss your options.

The Ottawa Withdrawal Management Centre
1777 Montreal Road
Tel: 613-241-1525

The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre
1145 Carling Avenue
Tel:  613-722-6521 ext. 6158

The Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus
1053 Carling Avenue
Tel: 613-722-7000

The Ottawa Hospital General Campus
501 Smyth Road
Tel: 613-722-7000

The Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus
1967 Riverside Drive
Tel: 613-722-7000

Montford Hospital
713 Montreal Road
Tel: 613-746-4621

Queensway-Carleton Hospital
3045 Baseline Road
Tel: 613-721-2000