Our group values the importance of abstinence when recovering from addiction, and sees it as priority one, especially for those who have severe issues with addiction.

However, we understand that not everyone can or wants to attain this goal immediately. Our group understands that recovery looks different for everyone, and we do not condemn anyone who decides to try moderation or use a harm reduction approach. We do indeed value the harm reduction model in addiction and recovery, as it has been proven to be beneficial for many people who struggle with substance use and/or addictive behaviours.

We allow for choice and we support any decision made by our members, but we encourage our members to attempt abstinence and to maintain it as long as possible before considering other options. This is because safely starting with abstinence allows people to clear their heads and to gain their footing in life, making it easier to make better decisions and to plan their recovery in a more rational way. Also, many people who struggle with addiction have attempted to moderate on their own without success, since using this approach can often prove to be very challenging.

That being said, the variety of tools, support, and education we offer can benefit anyone in recovery, no matter which path they have chosen.